Is Your Home In Need Of A New Boiler?

Your boiler plays an important role in your home. The source of your hot water and heating supply, they are crucial to the everyday life of your family and the running of your home. Without one many families would be stuck. Since boilers are used by the majority of households in the UK for long periods of time, there comes a time for many when a replacement boiler is required. Whether it’s because your old one has given up completely or is beginning to show signs of deterioration, upgrading your boiler offers a number of benefits, both financially and environmentally.

Signs you need a new boiler

There’s a few signs you may notice that indicate your boiler may be giving up.

  • If you have an older gas boiler, many people report noticing odd smells. If you have noticed this, it is important to get this checked by a gas safe engineer. They can ensure your boiler is not emitting harmful toxins into your home and recommend the best next steps.
  • Your boiler regularly breaks down or you have had frequent engineer call outs in the last few years. Ideally a working boiler should perform to a high standard everyday, throughout the year. If you’ve had several maintenance issues in recent years, it may be a good idea to begin considering an upgrade.
  • You’re noticing a big difference in your energy bills. Sometimes boilers that are slowing down and ageing will require more energy to perform the same job they always have done. Because of this you may notice your energy bills creeping up. If for no other reason, it would be a good idea to service your boiler and shop around for energy efficient replacements.
  • Much like smells, funny noises are another indicator that your boiler is no longer functioning properly.
  • If you have a gas boiler and see any yellow flames, an immediate upgrade is required.

The gas boiler ban 2035

Earlier this year Rishi Sunak announced that the gas boiler ban will be pushed back for another two years. With phase two not to go ahead until 2035. While this won’t be affecting households for a long time, it is important to know that the government’s goals centre around a complete ban of gas boilers in order to reduce the amount of emissions produced by UK homes.

As a way to improve the energy efficiency of new build properties and the housing market in the UK, with the ban, once a gas boiler reaches the end of its life, households will be required to switch to an alternative. Although currently, it is not clear which alternative is suggested by those in power. This will likely include a choice of electric boilers, hydrogen boilers, heat pumps or alternative sources of energy.

Upgrading your boiler for better energy efficiency

While at the moment, no one is being legally required to remove a gas boiler, it is a good decision to make if you wish to upgrade to an alternative, energy efficient option. Both to improve your property’s EPC rating and to lower your energy bills.

A move away from the traditional energy source allows for a reduction in carbon emissions and requires less energy to run. As gas becomes more and more expensive, now is a good time to consider saying goodbye to your gas boiler, particularly if you have noticed a considerable increase in your household heating costs.

An energy efficient alternative or just a simple upgrade with a new boiler could potentially save up to 30% on your energy bills!

Qualify for a free boiler with ECO4 Funding

Unlike other schemes, the ECO4 Scheme can cover the total cost of a boiler replacement for households that are eligible for funding. As well as additional energy saving solutions and household heating alternatives such as air source heat pumps. To find out if you are eligible for the scheme, use our online application form today.

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