The Future of Sustainable Homes: The Impact of the ECO4 Grant

The UK government has set aside budgets and created criteria in order to achieve a more sustainable future for the next generation. As part of this they have devised plans to achieve a sustainable housing stock. One which meets high energy efficiency standards and emits as little carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as possible.

The government has big plans to make sustainable homes the future of living in the UK. Introducing funding schemes including ECO4 grants, they are making accessing energy efficient home upgrades possible for all types of homeowners and tenants. From social housing tenants to landlords and private homeowners. By implementing big changes to the current housing stock and building new energy efficient homes, what could the future of housing look like? 

Energy Efficiency Benefits of the ECO4 Funding Scheme

The ECO4 Scheme and the home upgrades it funds for low income households works to reduce energy usage across the UK and carbon emissions from households around the country.

With the scheme set to run for another 2 years, there’s still plenty of time for eligible households to apply and gain access to this useful funding in order to bring their properties to a higher energy efficiency standard. With our handy ECO4 online application tool, you can check if you are eligible for grant funding in a matter of 60 seconds. And at no cost to you or your household, it’s certainly worth checking.

Improvement to EPC rating: An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) grades a property’s energy efficiency. New boilers, central heating systems, and good insulation all help a home retain heat better and use less energy for heating. This translates to a higher EPC rating, which can mean:

  • Increased property value
  • Lower energy bills for future occupants
  • Potential benefits like reduced council tax (in some areas)

Reduction in heat waste: Older boilers and poorly insulated homes lose a lot of heat through inefficient systems and draughty spaces. Upgrading these areas stops heat from escaping unintentionally, making your heating system work less and keeping your home warmer for longer.

Cut in energy consumption: By reducing heat waste, you naturally use less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature. This translates directly to lower energy bills, saving you money year after year.

Saving the planet with Eco Providers

Over the years we have been installing energy efficient home upgrades, we have seen some incredible results, both for the planet and for owners of recent projects.

From 375,000+ tonnes CO2 saved to £3 million in energy bill savings, the ECO4 funding scheme allows us to continue to work with households throughout the UK, continuing our work to battle climate change and fuel poverty. Want to know if you qualify for the ECO4 grant? Get in touch with our specialist team to find out more about the funding and how we can help.

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