Boiler Upgrades And The Benefits This Provides Your Home

Based on the 2021 census, according to the Office for National Statistics an astonishing 700,000 people live in a home without central heating in England. While a further 15,496 are living without in Wales. This shocking statistic shows just how far behind the UK are in comparison to the rest of Europe when it comes to the energy efficiency and modern development of homes.

While central heating is widely found in new properties, there are, as mentioned above, hundreds of thousands of older properties that have never had central heating fitted. And despite older generations arguing that they coped, it is unsustainable and damaging for the environment for homes to be heated with traditional methods of heating such as storage heaters or log burners and open fires. We must bring the remainder of our housing stock into the 21st century in order to remove the existence of heating poverty in the UK.

First Time Central Heating Grants

For those properties that have no fitted heating or a heating system that doesn’t involve the use of a boiler and radiators then a first time central heating grant may be applicable. The first time central heating grant included within the current ECO4 Scheme is available for those households, according to a set of eligibility requirements.

 How do I qualify?

In order to qualify for the funding, there are several ways to get approved for funding:

If you have one of the following heating types:

  • Electric room heaters, including direct acting room heaters, fan heaters or inefficient electric storage heaters.
  • Gas room heaters; including fixed mains gas room heaters.
  • Gas fire with back boiler.
  • Solid fossil fuel fire with a back boiler.
  • Electric underfloor or ceiling heating (not part of an electric boiler).
  • Bottled LPG room heating.
  • Solid fossil fuel room heaters.
  • Wood/biomass room heating.
  • Oil room heaters.
  • No heating in place.

Applicants in receipt of qualifying benefits could be eligible, including:

  • Income Support
  • Child Benefit
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Pension Credit
  • Income related ESA
  • Income related JSA
  • Universal Credit

Low Income Households:

If your household income is under £31,000 there is an opportunity for you to access free funding via your local councils LA flex scheme, providing bank statements to evidence your earnings will be the first step to getting your hands on some no cost energy upgrades.

There are other methods of qualification also, the best way to check your eligibility is to complete our quick and easy questionnaire and one of our expert team will get in touch to let you know if you could qualify.

The Benefits Of A Boiler And Central Heating System

By accessing a free boiler and a grant for first time central heating, not only will you be upgrading and modernising your home, but you will all benefit from:

  • Enhanced home comfort
  • Greater management of your home’s temperature
  • Electricity cost savings
  • A greener home
  • Increased property value
  • Better air quality and a healthier environment for your family

Having a system that is modern and well-fitted is a huge improvement and a major upgrade for your home. By utilising our services at Eco Providers, we will complete a retrofit assessment of your property, ensuring the right installation is made, and our qualified installers will fit your new heating system in the most efficient and effective way possible. Making sure there is minimal disruption to your household and your older property is kept safe.

It’s easy to get started. If you think you may be eligible for a heating grant within the ECO4 Scheme, simply fill out our grant application form and begin the process.

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