Grants in Powys – Check your eligibility for new Government Grants – 2023 Update

Powys Council residents, the time has come to check your eligibility for Government grants being offered throughout 2023! There a range of heating and insulation grants available to those who meet certain criteria, and the grants can help with improving the energy-efficiency of your home. The process is simple and easy, so we are urging all residents in the Powys area to check if they are eligible as soon as they can.

What grants are available in Powys?

Grants are available in Powys for a range of energy-efficiency measures including home insulation, upgraded heating, smart heating controls, heat pumps and in some cases Solar PV. Powys Council are supporting the Government’s Energy Company Obligation scheme, which means that all residents are eligible to access these very generous grants.

What’s changed for 2023?

Powys Council published a Statement of Intent on 11th October 2022 on their website at The document details their strategy for supporting residents that don’t claim benefits, so that a wider section of the community can access funding.

This means that throughout 2023 residents that meet the rules detailed in the SOI can access these grants. This includes households that have limited income, health conditions or are classified as vulnerable households.

What does Powys Council say about the grants?

The Council says “The adopted Statement of Intent, which was also approved by Cabinet, allows Powys households at risk of fuel poverty access to funding under the Energy Company Obligation if they meet the scheme’s criteria.”

Cllr Matthew Dorrance, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for a Fairer Powys, said: “I’m delighted that Cabinet has approved this scheme.

“ECO4 Flex is considered a key driver in assisting the council in their aim of reducing fuel poverty, whilst simultaneously contributing towards reducing carbon emissions from domestic homes, owned or occupied by those unable to pay for improvements themselves.”

What involvement does Powys Council have?

Powys Council issue declarations of eligibility confirming that a resident meets the local criteria. The energy company and/or installer then decide whether they can provide funding for heating or insulation upgrades, and which measures a household is eligible for based on the contracts they have in place. Applicants apply directly with the Registered Installer, and the installer will liaise with the council on their behalf.

Eligibility criteria for grants in Powys

There are two areas of eligibility for these grants. The first part relates to the household eligibility, and to be eligible you need to be, or are at risk of, living in fuel poverty.

Few people self-identify as living in fuel poverty. However, many households face challenges in heating their home, particularly with increasing energy prices. Fuel poverty is increasing, and more and more homes cannot be kept warm at a reasonable cost. Fuel poverty can mean making difficult decisions between energy and other essentials, or falling into debt. For some, the result is living in a cold home, which has negative impacts on health and wellbeing.

The criteria for identifying fuel poverty households, for the purpose of identifying eligible applicants, includes:

  1. Vulnerable households. If there’s anyone that is classed as vulnerable, they may be able to access grants.
  2. Health conditions made worse by living in a cold home. Respiratory conditions, mobility and cardiovascular issues are included.
  3. Household income being under £31,000 a year
  4. Claiming benefits is an indicator for eligibility.

Types of grants available in Powys

There are a number of different types of grants available in Powys, depending on your needs and circumstances. The aim of the Government’s Energy Company Obligation scheme is to obligate energy suppliers to fund home improvements that reduce carbon emissions, while also reducing fuel property. The Council offers a range of options for the least efficient homes in Powys.

Boiler grants

If you live in Powys, you may be eligible for a grant to help with the cost of installing a new boiler. The type of grants available will depend on your circumstances, but could include the installation of an A-Rated boiler, room controls and a SMART thermostat. You’ll need a non-condensing boiler to qualify.

First Time Central heating grants

The First Time Central Heating grant is available to households who have not had central heating previously. The grant will cover the cost of installing a gas or renewable central heating system (such as a heat pump). To be eligible for gas central heating, you’ll need to have a gas line to your home (installed prior to 31 March 2021). If your home wasn’t connected to gas prior to 31 March 2021, there are grants to install a heat pump central heating system.

Insulation grants

Roof, room-in-roof, loft, internal wall insulation and cavity wall insulation grants are all available within Powys, and you could be eligible for one or more of these alongside an upgraded heating system.

How to apply for a grant in Powys

Here’s what you need to do in order to apply for a grant in Powys:

  1. Step one – apply for a grant with a Registered Installer that has access to funding
  2. Step two – the installer will advise regarding what types of grants you can access
  3. Step three – If the installer thinks you meet eligibility requirements, then it’s time to move onto gathering all necessary documentation (for example, energy bills and proof of eligibility)
  4. Step four – your installation will be arranged for a convenient time (usually within a few weeks of all the documentation being provided)

The most important first step is to apply! Once you have done this, we will let you know which grants are available to you and how much funding you could get.

In conclusion, these Government Grants are a great way for Powys Council residents to improve the energy rating of their home and reduce their energy bills. Whether you claim benefits, have a health condition, or are vulnerable, it is worth checking if you can access any of these grants. If there is a grant that can help improve your home heating and reduce your bills you don’t want to miss out!

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