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The Best Ways To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of An Old Home

17 April 2024

When it comes to energy efficiency, older properties are notoriously poor performing. Despite their style and elegance these properties have often not been fitted with features or undergone the relevant upgrades to improve energy efficiency either recently or ever. And while it’s important to preserve their historical value and style, upgrading these homes and improving their energy efficiency rating should be a top priority. Old, Cold & Draughty – Is This The Norm Across The…

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Boiler Upgrades And The Benefits This Provides Your Home

10 April 2024

Based on the 2021 census, according to the Office for National Statistics an astonishing 700,000 people live in a home without central heating in England. While a further 15,496 are living without in Wales. This shocking statistic shows just how far behind the UK are in comparison to the rest of Europe when it comes to the energy efficiency and modern development of homes. While central heating is widely found in new properties, there…

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Home Insulation Benefits From Winter To Summer 

19 March 2024

Home insulation, whether it’s in the walls, the roof or the loft, is an effective and simple method to manage the energy efficiency of your home. From keeping heat in during cold winter months to managing temperatures in summer.There are benefits to be had from the installation of home insulation throughout the year. Preventing heat loss in winter One of the most important benefits of home insulation for houses, particularly homes in the cold British…

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Insulation Measures Funded By The ECO Scheme And Their Impact On Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

6 March 2024

With the ‘whole-house’ approach that the ECO Scheme takes, every area of the home is considered and reviewed. From the general heating elements of the home to the insulation of the property. Taking a closer look at each of these measures, here’s how they can have a positive impact on your home’s energy efficiency. Internal Wall Insulation What is internal wall insulation? – Internal wall insulation is a method of property insulation that has…

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