Insulation and Heating Grants in Flintshire, Wales – 2023 Update

Flintshire Council have announced their support for the Energy Company Obligation scheme for eligible residents!

This is good news as it means that the Government’s Energy Company Obligation grant scheme can be accessed by residents of Flintshire. By supporting the scheme, the council have increased the number of people that are able to access grants. This includes anyone with a health condition, vulnerable residents and those with an income of less than £31K. Read on for more details to find out what you can get!

What grants are available in Flintshire?

The Energy Company Obligation grant scheme is now available to all Flintshire residents. Grants available through this grant program include:

  • Energy efficiency grants for eligible householders and landlords, including free energy assessments and installation of energy saving measures such as insulation, boilers and heating systems.
  • Renewable energy grants for households wishing to install heat pumps and, in limited cases, solar panels or other renewable technology for your Flintshire home.

What’s changed for 2023?

Flintshire Council published their Statement of Intent (SOI) for ECO4 Flex on 24th November 2022 at and this means that residents will be able to access grants throughout 2023. Without the Statement of Intent, residents wouldn’t have been able to apply through the eligibility pathway called ECO4 Flex, and they would only be eligible through the benefits pathway.

The two main ways to qualify are:

  1. Benefits eligibility – where applicants live in energy inefficient housing and are in receipt of certain benefits
  2. ECO4 Flex eligibility – where applicants are vulnerable, have a low-income or if they have a health condition made worse by living in a cold home

There are many councils in the UK that haven’t released ECO4 Flex details yet, so it is great that Flintshire have made the grants available to their vulnerable residents. If you’d like to skip to see if you are eligible, you can check if you qualify for grants here.

What does Flintshire Council say about the grants?

The Council says the following: ‘Flintshire Council welcomes the introduction of the ECO4 Flex eligibility routes as it helps the Council achieve its plans to improve the homes of those in fuel poverty or vulnerable to the cold.’

The Council work with a selected number of Registered Installers, and they ensure that all Registered Installers have the following accreditations and registrations so you know you are being connected with the very best installers. Flintshire Council require their installers to provide:

  1. PAS 2030:2019 accreditation and Trust Mark registration
  2. Gas Safe registration and NIC compliant accredited
  3. F Gas accreditation in place
  4. MCS accreditation and Trust Mark Registrations
  5. RECC and NICEIC accredited
  6. NIC compliance and evidence of Trust Mark registration

What involvement does Flintshire Council have?

Flintshire Council main role is to provide a ‘declaration of eligibility’ for grants when the installer requests it from them. Flintshire Council don’t process the actual application or decide who is eligible. All decisions regarding the grants are made by the Installer and are subject to scrutiny by the energy company before being approved.

Eligibility criteria for grants

There are a few ways to qualify for Energy Company Obligation grants available in Flintshire, including:

  • Low-Income Households: If the household has an annual income of less than £31,000 they’ll be eligible
  • Vulnerable Households: If the household is vulnerable (living in fuel poverty areas, receiving free school meals vouchers, having old or young residents are some of the ways to qualify)
  • Households with residents that have health related conditions such as mobility, compromised immune systems, cardiovascular or respiratory conditions.
  • Households that claim benefits such as Child Benefit, Universal Credit or Tax Credits (there’s a full list of eligible benefits here)
Insulation and Heating Grants

Types of grants available

In Flintshire, the main home upgrade grants available under the ECO scheme are for heating grants and for home insulation.

Central heating grants:

– Replacement boiler grants (for non-condensing boilers to be upgraded)

– First Time Central Heating grants

Other heating grants:

– Electric Storage Heater grants (there must be inefficient storage heaters at the property already)

Renewable heating grants:

– Heat pump grants

– Solar PV grants (usually only available alongside Electric Storage Heater grants)

Insulation grants

– Internal wall insulation grants

– Loft insulation grants

– Room in roof insulation grants

All grant applications include a free ventilation and energy assessment. For the properties that do qualify for funding, they may be eligible for up to £20,000 of home upgrades. The grants include warranties and guarantees, and the installations are registered on the Trustmark data warehouse.

How to apply for a grant in Flintshire Wales

Here’s what you need to do in order to apply for a grant in Flintshire:

  1. Step one – apply for a grant with a Registered Installer that has access to funding
  2. Step two – the installer will advise regarding what types of grants you can get
  3. Step three – If the installer thinks you meet eligibility requirements, then it’s time to move onto gathering all necessary documentation (for example, energy bills and proof of eligibility) – it is at this stage that the installer would contact the Council to request a declaration of eligibility if you are applying through an ECO4 Flex route
  4. Step four – your installation will be arranged for a convenient time (usually within a few weeks of all the documentation being provided)

Apply now at

In conclusion, the Council’s support of the ECO4 Flex grant scheme will have a positive effect on residents in the Flintshire area, as without the support many wouldn’t be able to access funding. Flintshire Council’s support of this program is an example of their dedication to making sure that citizens are provided with the assistance they need.

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