Electric Storage Heater Grants

If your current electric heaters are old and faulty we can upgrade them free of charge.

You could qualify for free electric storage heater upgrades, it only takes 60 seconds to check if you qualify and apply.

Electric Storage Heater Upgrades

If your property is heated by Electric Panel Heaters or old and faulty Electric Storage Heaters then you are likely to be eligible for an upgrade to brand new, Ultra-modern High Heat Retention Electric Storage Heaters via the ECO Scheme.

By using primarily off-peak energy, it is expected that 90% of the heating requirement will be met with low cost energy, offering you savings of up to 27% compared to a standard storage heater system* and up to 47% compared to an electric convector or radiator system. Get in touch today to see how we can help you lower your energy bills.

Electric Storage Heater Upgrade

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